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Pool Deck Drain Janitor LLC is a privately owned Online Store, offering our quality products and customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. Pool Deck Drain Janitors were designed as a simple solution to a common problem... Our deck drains were filling with dirt,  debris, dog hair, and even a few plants, with no practicle way to flush them out! We’re a small single owner business dedicated to innovating and forward-thinking, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve both our products, and your online shopping experience with us. Whatever you do in, on, or around your pool, make it a more enjoyable experience by keeping your deck drains clean with Pool Deck Drain Janitor.



  • Do you own a home with a built in swimming pool?
    If you own a home with a built in swimming pool, then you most likely have some type of deck drain built into your patio. The deck drain is designed to keep water away from your home by draining it away to the sides of your home. The deck drains allow rain water, swimming pool splashing, and pool water overflow of any kind to be carried away from your home. However, over time, these deck drains slowly become filled with dirt, sand, and other debris that impede the normal flow of water away from your home. In these situations, Deck Drain Janitor can be the solution to help keep the water flowing like it should!
  • Are your deck drains already clogged?
    If you own a home with a built in swimming pool, and your deck drains are not currently draining like they should, or are overflowing with even the slightest rain, then you need to take a closer look. As a first step, be sure that the ends of your deck drains are not plugged up or clogged up with grass, and are open enough to allow water to drain out. If they are fine, but the water is still not flowing, then you may need a Deck Drain Janitor.
  • Is your in-ground swimming pool more than 5 years old?
    If the answer to this question is yes, then you may be approaching the time to flush out your deck drains. Even if your deck drains seem to be working ok, over time, all deck drains will have a build-up of dirt and debris that does not get flushed out. This small build-up will continue to grow over time. There may be no defect at all in the construction of your patio, or the pitch of the deck drains. But because of the way the surface of deck drains are aligned when they are installed, it creates a series of natural dams in your drain system. Pool builders typically use a small piece of pvc pipe inserted into the adjoining ends of the deck drain sections, to be sure the surface heights are the same on both sides, before they pour the concrete patio. This creates a small obstacle everywhere 2 sections of deck drain are joined together. See photos below.
  • Do you have dogs or cats?
    If you have a dog, or dogs that shed, and they spend any time on your pool patio, or IN YOUR POOL :-) , then it won’t be long before your deck drains will begin to fill with dog hair. I have 3 Labrador Retrievers, so I know from experience! Over time, the animal hair will collect in your deck drains and begin to slow down the flow of water. Once the dog hair begins to build up, your drains are more likely to accumulate dust, dirt and sand because the hair acts like a dam. If this is the case, it will just be a matter of time before you will need a way to clean out your deck drains.
  • How do I install my Deck Drain Janitor?
  • How do I use my Deck Drain Janitor?
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