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This series of Deck Drain Janitors are 10" long by 1.5" wide. They are designed to be used with 1.5"  wide deck drains that have a 5/8" wide flat spot in the middle, and slight V's on either side of the flat spot (See Photos Above).  This selection is WHITE,  and we also have it available in TAN. These colors match most deck drains, and they can easily be painted to match your existing deck color. In each package you will receive:

a) 2 - Pool Deck Drain Janitors, 

b) A template to help you cut the proper hole size in your deck drain,

c) Step by Step instructions on how to properly install and use your Pool  Deck Drain Janitors


With this series of Pool Deck Drain Janitor's,  a standard garden hose will be too large to fit into the hole you need to cut out for installing them, so you will need a Garden Hose Reducer/Adapter. If you are handy, you can build a Reducer/Adapter yourself that will screw onto your standard garden hose, and reduce down to a 5/8" outside diameter hose that WILL fit into the hole. Any hardware store should carry the parts you need.  If you are not able to make one yourself, we sell them on our website with 12’ of hose attached for $28.50 plus shipping.



NOTE:  Please be aware that if you order more than 1 package of Pool Deck Drain Janitors, we may package entire order into one plastic clamshell container.  You will still receive all the required instructions and cutting templates you  will need. This is an effort to help reduce waste, and keep shipping costs and expenses reasonable. Thank you for shopping with us!

For 1.5" Wide WHITE V-Top Deck Drains

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