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If you have 1" wide Flat Top or 1.5" wide V-Top deck drains, a standard garden hose may be too large for flushing out your deck drains. This Garden Hose Adapter/Reducer will attach to your standard garden hose and is small enough to slide into your deck drains. The hose is 12 feet long, and made from REINFORCED VINYL TUBING, with a High Pressure Nozzle attached which will help you to CLEAN THEM OUT!!


The barbed plastic nozzle reduces down to a 1/4" opening, which greatly increases the pressure of the water. To be sure there are no leaks around the high pressure nozzle, we use .032" Stainless Steel Aircraft Safety Wire, which is double wrapped around the fitting with a special tool.  


When you receive your Garden hose adapter/reducer, you will want to strech it out to its full length for a day or so to help straighten it out a little before you use it. Otherwide, it tends to want to curl up in the deck drains which can make it difficult to use.  When you are using it, you may have to slightly spin/twist the hose if it gets hung up on anything in your drains and won't go any further. 


Please let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions, and have a great day!

Garden Hose Adapter/Reducer for 1" and 1.5" V-Top Pool Deck Drain Janitors

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